Rapt Bloodstone Pendant with Copper weave.

# 640-30587 In Stock

Rapt Bloodstone Pendant with Copper weave.

# 640-30587 In Stock

This Bloodstone has colors and markings that resemble a painting unique on both sides. A copper woven frame accents the front while a more decorative pattern is highlighted on the back. This one-of-a-kind piece is truly a work of art.


Product Details

Name Bloodstone Pendant with Copper weave.
Stock Number 640-30587
Style Number BL Pndt w/leather
Department Fashion
Type Pendant Charm

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Beeghly & Co. Rapt

Rapt [Completely fascinated by what you are seeing]

A captivating collection of wire wrapped gemstones featuring intricately hand woven designs.  Crafted of copper, sterling silver, and gold wire in various gauges, Wendy Jobe - artist, designer, jeweler has created a unique and fascinating selection of jewelry - each piece a "One of a Kind" production.  Experience the organic aura and healing properties wrapped in this mystical collection.


Do you have a gemstone you have collected from your travels. Bring it in, Wendy would love to work with you to design a unique way to enjoy it.    Learn more about Rapt from Wendy here.   


RAPT . . . destined to enrapture your senses.