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KILLIAN — THE WOMAN. With Middle American roots and global style, jewelry designer Killian Rieder knows beauty. A graduate of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Killian’s style savvy influenced the designs at major international clothing brands, including Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, before pursuing her true passion: jewelry. Killian’s first jewelry business, launched with her husband in 2002, struck a chord with women around the world. Her innovative designs gave women the opportunity to customize jewelry by adding their own handpicked collection of accents and charms to fit their personal style. Today, the eponymous KILLIAN Jewelry celebrates everywoman’s unique beauty through a collection of stunning, interchangeable KILLIAN Facettes. Mixing and matching gemstone-studded facettes allows any woman to customize gorgeous, high-quality bracelets and rings—a sparkling, everyday reflection of her one-of-a-kind beauty. KILLIAN — THE BRAND. Smart, sexy and sophisticated KILLIAN Jewelry celebrates you and your individuality. Sterling silver bracelets and rings elegantly showcase your personally curated collection of KILLIAN Facettes. Committed to high quality and fine design, KILLIAN Jewelry uses only premium materials: exquisite gemstones collected from around the globe; sterling silver finished with tarnish-resistant rhodium; and solid stainless steel clasps, ensuring your facettes clip on and off for a lifetime. KILLIAN — THE BEAUTY. KILLIAN Facettes feature timeless designs meticulously crafted in silver and inset with brilliantly cut gemstones. From the subtlest whisper of rose quartz to the rich, velvety hues of deep blue topaz, every facette possesses a unique beauty. Make a statement pairing a singular, bold KIILLIAN Facette with your favorite jeans and tee, or clip on multiple facettes for a look that expresses your personality anywhere, anytime. Celebrate you with KILLIAN Jewelry.

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