Georgia Bulldogs' Championship Rings Add Exclamation Point to Perfect Season

The Georgia Bulldogs' 2022 championship rings tell the story of two remarkable accomplishments — a perfect 15-0 college football season and back-to-back national titles.

The rings were presented to non-returning seniors at the Bulldogs’ G-Day intra-squad game on Saturday, and then privately to the remaining players and coaches at a reception on Monday.

The ring top features the university’s “G” logo and two gold-tone College Football Playoff (CFP) trophies, topped with football-shaped stones, representing the team's two National Championships in the CFP era, which began in 2014. These coveted trophies are depicted with their backs to each other — a subtle nod to the team’s back-to-back titles.

The base of each trophy holds two round stones, each of which represents one of Georgia’s four National Championship titles.

The words “NATIONAL CHAMPIONS” in raised gold lettering on a black enamel background wrap the left and right side of a gold-tone dog collar with 15 spikes, representing the team’s 15-0 record.

A total of 107 shimmering white stones decorate the ring top, highlighting the total number of points the team scored in the CFP semifinal and championship combined.

(According to NCAA rules, the National Championship rings cannot exceed $415 in value. This reality creates enormous design challenges for companies, such as Jostens. Instead of setting the ring with diamonds and other precious gems, Jostens used simulated stones. Non-precious alloys replaced 14-karat gold.)

The left side of the ring displays the bulldog logo and 15-0 record, along with the recipient’s last name. On the bulldog's collar is a tag with either the player's jersey number or coach's initials.

The bulldog overlays a representation of 58 yards of a football field. This element celebrates the team’s record-breaking 58-point win differential in the championship game, when they soundly defeated Texas Christian University 65-7.

The right side of the ring pays homage to the city of Los Angeles — where the championship game was held — with a depiction of its classic skyline and palm trees. The championship year, the final score of the game and a gold-tone CFP logo complete this side of the ring.

"Each of these rings truly captures the unique details of the 2022 season, and the team did a spectacular job designing these rings to tell that story beautifully," said Chris Poitras, GM and SVP of Jostens Professional and College Sports Division. "The lasting symbol of a championship season is the ring, and Jostens could not be more proud to share in this historic celebration with a tremendous program and institution."

The national championship ring was just one of four presented by Jostens to the players and coaches. The jewelry manufacturer also delivered rings to commemorate the Official College Football Playoff Championship, the SEC Championship and the Peach Bowl Championship.

The Georgia Bulldogs’ four DNA traits — Toughness, Connection, Resiliency and Composure — are imprinted inside of the ring. This ring is finished with the word “HUNT” on the outside palm, as a nod to Coach Smart’s message to the team: “Be the hunter, not the hunted.”

“We are excited to commemorate a historic season by head coach Kirby Smart and our football program,” said J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Josh Brook. “These rings symbolize the hard work and dedication that helped Georgia become the first back-to-back national champions of the College Football Playoff era.”

Credits: Images courtesy of Jostens.