Nicole Barr Designs


    Nicole Barr Designs specializes in creating exquisite jewelry that blends the timeless beauty of sterling silver with the vibrant allure of true vitreous enamel. Their collection, featuring an array of pendants and earrings, draws inspiration from the natural world, with motifs of flowers, hearts, and animals brought to life in stunning detail. Each piece is a testament to the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and elegance, with hard-fired glass enamel meticulously applied by hand to both 18K gold and sterling silver settings.

    The use of true vitreous enamel, a technique that dates back centuries for its durability and luster, sets Nicole Barr Designs apart. This painstaking process ensures that each piece not only captivates with its color and brilliance but also endures as a lasting work of art. Complemented by the finest diamonds, pearls, and gemstones, their jewelry is a celebration of sophistication and detailed artistry.

    Whether you're drawn to the delicate intricacies of nature, the timeless symbol of love, or the playful charm of animals, Nicole Barr Designs offers a piece that resonates with your personal style and elevates any ensemble. Discover a world where luxury meets craftsmanship, and wear a piece of jewelry that truly tells a story.

    23 products

    23 products