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The Beeghly and Company Adventure

Many consider Beeghly and Company Jewelers in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the foremost authority of all things bejeweled in Westmoreland County and beyond. Their years of experience and unparalleled service have built a legacy of integrity and trust that has been evident throughout their successful history.

Its continual quest for the most up-to-the-minute styles, techniques and manufacturing technologies has enabled Beeghly and Company to offer an ever increasing wealth of information and service to its customers.

Whether you are in the market to repair, restore or redesign an old favorite or looking for something extra special to commemorate a memorable time in your life consider Beeghly and Company Jewelers.

Beeghly and Company Jewelers is a brick and mortar store, here in your community to serve your immediate goals and here tomorrow for your future as it unfolds.

Stop in and see for yourself why Beeghly and Company Jewelers truly is “The Gem in the Heart of Greensburg.”

Exquisite Craftsmanship, Trusted Value, and Exceptional Service.

Beeghly & Co.

Celebrate with an enduring treasure of fine jewelry.  At Beeghly and Company Jewelers we believe your tokens of love should not only be beautiful, but beautifully crafted, at a value you can trust. Let us help you preserve your memories with the perfect keepsake!

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