Bridal Custom Design Gallery

At Beeghly and Company Jewelers custom jewelry design is our specialty.  

Get inspired with these examples of our bridal custom designed rings. Some of them were created for individuals, others for our collection and are available for purchase.  Follow the progression of the process as the rings transform from a vision, to the CAD renderings, wax molds, rough unfinished castings, to the exquisitely executed ring.   Stop by - we would love to help you explore the possibilities.

This gorgeous rose gold duo is not available at Beeghly and Company Jewelers because it was custom designed for Katie.  When we started talking about getting married, Rich would ask me, “What kind of ring do you want? What do you like?” I always responded with, “Just go to Beeghly & Co.!” And am I glad he did! From working with Rich step by step on the custom engagement ring to taking my wedding band vision and turning it into something beautiful, along all the special touches in between, we just love the team at Beeghly. Each and every time we are welcomed into the store like family and treated with the most genuine care. Beeghly & Co. embodies all the great qualities of a local, family owned and operated business, but has the expertise and excellence to keep them around for years and years to come. We will never go anywhere else!  ~Katie and Rich

You can’t have this totally unique engagement ring. That’s because it was designed for Jill using a diamond that belonged to her mom and two additional large diamonds given to Frank, her fiancé, by his mother, to use for the engagement ring. The diamonds originally belonged to his grandmother. The 143 on the side means “I love you” with one letter in I, four letters in the word love, and three letters in the word you.

To be perfectly honest, I had always thought that I wanted a traditional diamond engagement ring. But it wasn't until recently, when I knew I had finally found "the one," that I started thinking otherwise.  

One day while browsing Etsy, a gorgeous pink-stoned ring came up in my feed.  I fell in love with it almost immediately and had to know more about it. I really had my heart set on a morganite engagement ring, but was I having trouble coming across one that really spoke to me. 

A friend of mine suggested that I look into Beeghly & Company. She went to Beeghly and they helped her custom design the ring of her dreams. She was impressed with the professionalism of the company and its employees, who helped her through every step of the design process, as well as the craftsmanship of her ring

I discussed all of this with my boyfriend, since I didn't want him to spend his hard-earned money on a ring that I didn't love. He was actually very understanding and also somewhat relieved that I took the pressure of him blindly shopping for a ring by himself off his mind. He had no idea that you could custom design a ring, reasonably, so he thought that was a very cool idea. 

When I stepped into Beeghly, I had an idea of what kind of ring I wanted, but not an exact design.  Fran helped guide me by pulling a few rings at a time from the case and asking to see pictures of the rings I liked.  There was one ring in particular that I had found online that I loved: a vintage-styled three-stone halo. Fran pulled something similar from the case and we started tweaking things, adding elements from both rings to my own. It didn't take very long until we had come up with something that I loved.  

I knew that I wanted something custom, and we both love to support local businesses, so when I saw that Beeghly made custom rings that's exactly where we wanted to check out first. Their goldsmith Dan actually recognized the Zora's Sapphire symbol I had brought with me as the basis of my inspiration and with all of his and Jen's thorough questions and detailed explanations, we knew Beeghly and Co. was the perfect jeweler to create our ring.

We started our design idea out with the Zora's Sapphire symbol as the center stones and wanted to include some floral elements. After seeing the first design ideas we only had to re-work one section of the ring, and because of Dan's dedication to research, we were able to create a beautiful ring inspired by all three Spiritual Stones from the Ocarina of Time game, an added plus we didn't think we would get!

Beeghly had amazing technology that allowed for the smallest of details so we took advantage of that and added a hint of the icon symbol from the series, the Triforce, by etching a triangle in the negative space between the sapphires. We loved that we were able to be involved in the entire process of the ring being created. We got to approve the design each step of the way and were able to select all stones and metals used in the design. From sketches to CAD drawings to final wax castings to the moment when Matt popped the question, it was amazing to watch this idea of a ring become real!

Beeghly and Co. were amazing through the entire process. Any questions we had were met with thorough answers and both Jen and Dan were obviously invested in making sure we received the perfect ring that we would love for the rest of our lives. I can't wait to get started on designing our wedding bands next!