Customer Care Plan

Jewelry is something to be cherished and worn. Most things worn and enjoyed as intended do require some maintenance to continue enjoying. Jewelry is no different, with small prongs holding small treasures and precious metals that scuff and wear down.

With that in mind, there is an option available to for protecting jewelry purchases in the longer term, beyond the Beeghly & Company or manufacturer’s warranties.

Purchase Life-Time Care Plans for your jewelry purchases which covers wear and tear, stone loss, ring sizing and rhodium re-plating, to name a few features, up to the limit of liability which is the purchase price of your item.  Beeghly & Company partners with Montage Jewelry Care Plan to offer this service. A Care Plan can be purchased through Beeghly & Company for a one-time fee based upon the purchase price of your jewelry item. Contact us for more details on plan pricing.

Care Plans are warranties and do not cover complete loss or theft.  Consider exploring jewelry insurance options for your jewelry.