Frequently Asked Questions

Questions galore!  

We welcome your questions and thought it might be helpful to answer a few here.  Please do reach out to us with any additional inquiries.  We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Appointments are encouraged. But walk-ins are welcomed. If you would like to make an appointment, please reach out to us via your most convenient manner. Telephone our store at 724-576-4055. Email our store at: or follow this link to make an appointment:

We do not provide repair services while a customer waits with the exception of some simple watch battery changes. With our team of on-site jewelers, we can get your jewelry back to you usually with three or four business days depending upon the complexity of your repair. We can certainly review the expected time frame for your unique repair needs upon evaluating your jewelry. You are able to view our entire workshop from the foyer of our store. 

Our team of on-site jewelers, we can get your jewelry back to you typically within three to four business days or faster depending upon the complexity of your requested service. We can certainly review the expected time frame for your unique repair need upon evaluating your jewelry. 

We do not provide repair services while a customer waits for it. The exception being some simple watch battery changes. Our team of on-site jewelers can get your jewelry back to you typically with three to four business days or faster depending upon the complexity of your repair request. We can certainly review the expected time frame for your unique repair need upon evaluating your jewelry. 

There are a few factors that determine a quote for sizing a ring. To name a few: the type of metal, width of ring, current size to new size, the overall integrity of the ring, the type of gemstones in a ring, and the style of stone setting are all taken into consideration. To give you an idea, to size a ring down our prices start at $40. . To size a ring larger, our prices start at $60 If you stop into our store with the ring, we can give you a firm quote. 

Yes, we do change watch batteries. We keep a very large selection of batteries in stock so we usually have the one you need! If not, we can order it for you. Normally, we can change one or two watch batteries while you wait for them. If you have more than two, we may “take them in” and call you when they are complete. 

Great Question! A lot does go into our custom design process, however that doesn't mean it costs you a lot. We have a full shop on site and the ability to cast in house. The custom process is unique to each piece but there are some basic steps each design follows to give you a better idea. First, we start with a complementary design consultation. Here we should be able to provide you with your complete custom quote once we have your design idea in play. Next, we provide you with a CAD rendering for you to see your ideas come to life. If modifications are requested this is when they happen. After we have nailed the design, we print a 3D Wax model of your ring. This is when you physically come in to view the wax and approve that all the proportions are what you envisioned and expected. Last, but not least, after approving your wax model we cast and set all stones. Finally, you get the notification that your masterpiece is ready to be loved for years to come! Please stop by to discuss your Custom Design ideas with our experienced and eager staff.

We can normally clean your ring while you wait for it. Cleaning a ring normally takes ten minutes or so depending on how busy the workshop is when you stop. This is the Beeghly and Company process for cleaning your ring: The first step is the inspection of your ring under a microscope to make sure the gems are set securely. Followed by polishing, ultrasonically and steam cleaning (as appropriate and safe for your particular gems) and then it is rechecked under magnification. Our customers are continually amazed at the transformation that takes place when having their jewelry professionally cleaned at Beeghly and Company Jewelers. 

Yes, we will need to “take in” your rings to be rhodium plated. Because our workshop is located on-site, they never leave our secure location. We will do our best to get your rings back on your hands as quickly as possible – usually within a day or two. 

The length of time rhodium will last will depend on several factors including how “hard” you wear your rings, how often you have them polished, how frequently you come in contact with harsh chemicals and cleaning fluids, among other factors. When you notice your ring does not have a bright shiny surface any longer, it is time to have your “white gold” ring replated. As a complimentary service, we offer FREE rhodium plating for every Beeghly and Company engagement ring before your wedding day!

No.  Platinum does not require rhodium plating which is commonly referred to as "dipping."  When platinum is scratched, the metal is not removed or lost, as it is in gold metal.  Instead, the metal shifts with the ring itself, creating what is known as a patina finish.  Platinum can easily be repolished to its original bright finish which is a complementary service we provide on site as well. 

All Beeghly and Company jewelry purchases come with a one-year guarantee against any material or manufacturing defect that compromise the integrity of the jewelry purchased. Be reassured, if your jewelry has an issue outside of the warranty period, we will work with you to discern the best course of action. Your jewels purchased at Beeghly and Company will always have a home! See the details of our warranty here:

We recommend your rings be inspected every six months. However, if you notice a prong is “catching” lint or other fabrics please stop by as soon as possible. We can check your rings while you wait – it’s just one of our complimentary services. Follow this link to see a list of the services we are pleased to offer at no charge! 

Our front door is located on the Main Street side of our building. Follow our walkway under the eaves, walking past the large window (where our old entry was located) to the door and into our new entry foyer. Once inside you will find the inside foyer door is locked. Please ring the doorbell to the right of the door and a smiling face will greet you shortly.

Yes! We offer a variety of programs with approved credit to allow you to pay over time. Our financing provider is Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. We look forward to helping you explore the many options available to celebrate your milestones. 

We can help you explore the options available to celebrate your milestones. Just let us know! Or you can apply today and be one step closer by clicking on the image below.

We offer a 12-month layaway program without a credit check. A deposit of 30% of the purchase price is required at the time you put an item on layaway. After that, a monthly payment is required. Don’t worry if you can’t make it into the store every month, we can send you a secure link to make your payments right from you phone or computer. 

Yes! We provide three types of appraisal services: Insurance Replacement Value, Fair Market Value, and Liquidation Value. Our appraisals are prepared by our staff Graduate Gemologists who have several industry certifications qualifying them to provide the most accurate up to date knowledge. You will receive two type written documented appraisals containing the necessary details required to estimate the value of your jewelry as well as photos. Our appraisal fees start at $105. We would be happy to discuss your particular needs, please reach out to us via your most convenient method of contact. See our website for more details:

We offer FREE parking on both the Main Street side of our building as well as the 4th Street side. FREE Parking is one of our complimentary services! To get a good look at how our parking is situated listen to what Mark has to say here:

Beeghly & Company Jewelers is a proud supporter of our men and women in the U.S Military and our communities first responders. As some of our own friends and family serve in our country’s military we understand first- hand their commitment. Military Discounts are extended to personnel in every branch of the Service. Simply present your military identification and receive a 10% discount on merchandise purchases. Some exclusions apply.

Yes! We buy gold and a variety of precious items. As Westmoreland’s Premier Jeweler, we know and understand gemstones and gemology better than anyone in the area! Our experts, trained by the Gemological Institute of America and certified by the American Gem Society are on hand to evaluate your jewelry to insure you receive the best value possible. For more information on our gold buying service please see our website here:

Yes! If you have jewelry you either don’t wear or simply are not in love with anymore, you should consider our trade in and upgrade service. It doesn’t matter whether your original purchase was made at Beeghly and Company Jewelers. We will consider any karatage precious metals, diamond or gemstone jewelry so long as the gemstone is not chipped, broken or otherwise damaged. We would be happy to explore the possibilities! Contact us today.