Speaking From Experience

“Just do it, you can feel so proud to tell people this was your creation.”

I married a pretty smart man! When he was in the market for my engagement ring he wanted me to be involved in the process. He thought if I was the one wearing the ring I should be the one figuring out what I wanted to wear. Actually, the whole process was so fun and easy, I never had a challenging moment. The most enjoyable part was seeing the finished product which was amazing. I always get so many compliments on my custom design and I am proud to tell them that Beeghly and Company made what my vision created.

Barbara – Greensburg, PA

“My engagement ring was designed there, so of course we wanted them to also design a matching band.”

We first heard about the services available at Beeghly and Company Jewelers through our friends and family. My favorite part of the process was the wax process. I liked being able to see my ring in the different phases of design and make changes as we went. Each step of the process went very smoothly, we were pleased from the beginning to the end. The staff, especially Bernie, was very efficient, prompt and eager to please us.

“We think that using a professional jeweler like Beeghly and Company, is the only way to go to get exactly what you have in mind. We could not be happier and would sincerely recommend Beeghly and Company to everyone!”

Linda - Mt. Pleasant, PA

“I love the store, the selection, and the staff. My jewelry is absolutely stunning! I couldn’t be happier!”

It all started with an idea in my head. Working with Bernie, looking at different styles and options to refine my ideas, and honestly seeing the final product of our collaboration was so enjoyable, I highly recommend it! My goal was to design a coordinating set. So the most challenging part of the whole process was coming up with the right sizes, quality and color of gemstones to match all the pieces. By having several sets of beautiful gemstones from which to choose made the selection process easier. Bernie helped me to imagine the final products by showing me similar pieces, sizes and colors of gemstones to come up with the perfect combination and near perfect matches for my own custom designs.

Marlo – Pittsburgh, PA

“My wedding band is a stunning one of a kind piece that I will cherish forever and Beeghly and Company made it all possible.”

Friends and family commendations are what lead me to Beeghly and Company Jewelers to design a wedding band to match my engagement ring. The most challenging part of the process was refining a style that coordinated with the design of the engagement ring without adding additional width. Bernie and the Jewelers assisted in visual sketches and a real life wax model of the band which depicted the final design perfectly. Great Service! I would encourage those considering custom design to investigate the options because their personal style and vision can be incorporated into the final piece that will be one of a kind.

Melissa – Greenburg, PA

“Since the passing of my parents and my husband, I wanted to combine their jewelry, mine and my daughter’s to make a new family heirloom.”

I first learned of Beeghly and Company’s custom design service in a newspaper article. After experiencing the entire process, I would have to say I found the most enjoyable part to be – the entire process of raw idea to the finished product. The staff (especially Lisa, Brook and Allen) was as eager to complete my idea for a new family heirloom as I. The craftsmanship is beautiful! I found the most challenging part was waiting for its completion. The best advice I can impart to someone considering custom design is to have an idea, but keep an open mind to additional design options. You will be very pleased with your new treasure. It will be very beautiful!

Nancy – Derry, PA

“Go to Beeghly”

I’ve had other items made at Beeghly; so when I wanted a band to match my engagement ring and wedding band, naturally, I did what I would tell anyone else – “Go to Beeghly!” The most challenging part of the process was deciding what I want and what would compliment my engagement and wedding bands. Fortunately, Lisa asked a lot of questions and listened. She also offered great insight. Easily, the part I enjoyed the most was receiving the final product and wearing it!

Theresa – Greenburg, PA

“I inherited a pair of earrings and wanted to modify them to better suit my taste and existing pieces.”

My family has been longtime customers of Beeghly and Company Jewelers so it was only natural for me to turn to them to complete my custom designed earrings. Having an idea of how I wanted to modify them and seeing something similar in the display cases in the showroom helped to make the process flow easily. Bernie was a pleasure to work with! She had so much patience and persistence in making sure that the earrings were designed and made perfectly. I really appreciated the detailed design and rendering that I was able to see and approve prior to the earrings actually being made.

“The most challenging part of the design process is that I live in Maryland which delayed some portions of the process. Beeghly was so patient in either waiting for me to come into town, call me with details, mail or email me different aspects of the custom design process. Despite my distance, I felt like the whole process was very timely and efficiently completed!”

My best advice to someone considering custom design is to have an idea of what you like, but be flexible and open to change.

Anonymous - Rockville, MD

“I wanted a ring that incorporated our birthstones in a special manner.”

When I came to Beeghly and Company Jewelers, I had an idea in my head. With the help of Brook, we developed my vision. “Ever since we met when in high school, Rachel has been my rock that keeps me centered (center ruby in middle of carved moonstone) and she has supported me and shines through everything I do (rubies underneath the moonstone) Thank you for giving me a ring to let her know just how special she is to me!”

The process was actually enjoyable despite the challenge of my working several hundred miles away during the design process. Exchanging emails, voice and text messaging enabled us to communicate effectively.

My advice to you . . . “Do it! From sales to the goldsmiths, the staff was so knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

Maverick - Irwin, PA

“I had some jewelry pieces that I wasn’t wearing. With Bernie’s help, we made some changes.”

And I am so pleased with the results! I found the most enjoyable part of the process was making selections and envisioning how the piece of jewelry would look when it was completed. With so many options to choose from and so many decisions to consider, I found making up my mind and sticking with it to be the most challenging part.

Overcoming that took some perseverance! I have enjoyed shopping at Beeghly and Company. They are now my number one Jeweler. I love everything I buy there, and they all are so good to work with.

My advice for anyone considering custom design is – “Go to Beeghly’s! They are the best!”

Norma – Ruffs Dale, PA