Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Please note – our online inventory of diamonds is quite large, changing approximately every fifteen minutes. It is important to contact us immediately if you are interested in considering a particular diamond for purchase.  We can also be your resource for diamond alternatives as such as gemstones, synthetic stones, and lab created diamonds. Our trained staff is on hand to assist you, answer questions or to secure a diamond for your viewing. Please contact us at 724.576.4055 or email us at

When selecting a diamond, please consider our two requirements:

  1. The diamonds must be viewed at our store location within five working days from the time you are notified of their arrival.
  2. To qualify your intentions as a serious client interested in purchasing a diamond, we require a $50 deposit when you request a viewing. This deposit is fully refundable if the diamond does not meet your expectations. Deposits are forfeited only when individuals do not show us the courtesy of viewing their requested diamonds at our mutually agreed upon appointment. The $50 deposit is the average shipping/insurance charges incurred when you request a diamond viewing.

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The Universal Symbol of Love.

Brian W. Beeghly, G.G. GIA
Graduate Gemologist, GIA