Introducing Glock Precision Watches

When Precision Meets Perfection – It's GLOCK Approved.

Beeghly & Co. Jewelers are pleased to introduce Glock Precision Watches, the official licensed timepieces from Glock that embody the same commitment to quality and durability as their legendary firearms.  With watch designs for both men and women, the Glock Precision Collection holds something for everyone. 
These watches are subjected to four rigorous levels of testing, ensuring they can withstand extreme conditions, including temperature testing for heat and freezing tolerance, salt-water tolerance, and sand blasting tolerance.
Another aspect that sets these timepieces apart is their 2mm-thick sapphire crystal, the most robust in the industry, providing unparalleled scratch and break resistance.  With water resistance ranging from 50 to 200 meters, including screw-down crowns on the 200-meter models, these watches are ready to conquer aquatic adventures of all depths.


The Glock Precision Watch Collection offers a variety of movements to suit every preference. From Swiss-made quartz movements known for their precision to Seiko automatic movements with a 36-hour power reserve, these watches are driven by mechanical finesse.

For those who demand precision timing, the collection includes chronograph analog watches featuring Ronda Swiss movements. For eco-conscious consumers, there are solar-powered models harnessing the energy of the sun for uninterrupted precision.

Whether you prefer a digital display or a blend of digital and analog, Glock Precision Watches has you covered. Swiss luminous technology ensures easy readability in any light condition.

The stainless-steel watch cases come in a range of finishes, including black, gold, coyote, gun metal, silver, rose and yellow gold plating. The specialty Ion plating technique ensures these finishes penetrate the metal, providing durability that goes beyond surface coating. Some models are titanium.

But that's not all – Glock Precision Watches offer versatility with interchangeable straps. From silicone with various patterns and colors including NATO color options, to mesh steel, and stainless steel metal bands, you can customize your watch to suit your style. Quick-set spring bars make changing straps a breeze.

Glock Precision Watches are not just a testament to quality and precision; they also hold a special appeal for the dedicated emergency service providers who rely on Glock products in their line of work to protect and serve our communities.

For those who already trust Glock for their firearms and equipment needs, these watches offer a seamless addition to their gear. The same commitment to durability and reliability that makes Glock a preferred choice for law enforcement, military, and first responders is evident in every detail of these timepieces.

For those who proudly wear the Glock brand in the line of duty, these watches allow you to carry a piece of that legacy with you even when you're off-duty. With interchangeable straps and a range of finishes, you can customize your Glock Precision Watch to match your uniform or personal style.

So, to all the dedicated emergency service providers who rely on Glock products to keep us safe, Glock Precision Watches are here to complement your commitment to excellence. Trust in the Glock legacy, wear it on your wrist with pride.

Glock Precision Watches come with a three-year international warranty and the endorsement of Brian Beeghly, President of Beeghly & Co. Jewelers. They stand as a symbol of exceptional quality and precision, making them a source of pride when worn on your wrist. Brian Beeghly, with over four decades of industry experience, lauds the Glock Precision brand, stating, "We deeply appreciate the unmatched quality and value it offers."


Don't miss out on these exceptional timepieces that combine style, durability, and precision in one package. For more information and to explore the nuances of Glock Precision Watches, please don't hesitate to reach out to our staff of Glock timekeeping specialists. They are here to assist you in finding the perfect watch to match your preferences and needs.

Discover the legacy of Glock Precision Watches by exploring our collection here: Glock Precision Watches Collection. Embrace the excellence that comes with each tick of Glock Precision.

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