'Eutierria' Crushes Guinness World Record for Most Diamonds Set on a Ring

Set with 50,907 diamonds, "Eutierria" absolutely crushed the Guinness World Record for the most diamonds set in a single ring. Created by H.K. Designs and Hari Krishna Exports, the spectacular sunflower-inspired piece more than doubled the diamond count of the previous record holder.

The ring comprises eight diamond-encrusted parts, including four layers of petals, the shank, two diamond discs, and a bedazzled butterfly. The ring is designed in 18-karat gold, has a diamond total weight of 130.19 carats and is valued at $785,645. The gold alone weighs 460 grams (just over 1 pound).

The name "Eutierria" is associated with a positive feeling of oneness with the Earth. Appropriately, the ring was made with an eye toward sustainability — utilizing recycled materials, including gold and diamonds repurposed from customer returns. What's more, the company has pledged to plant one tree for each of the diamonds set in the ring.

In pursuing this ambitious project, the company's goal was to create a rare piece of art that would be in a class all its own, while showcasing the team's expertise in designing and crafting exquisite jewelry. The sunflower motif was chosen because of its beautiful, sunny charm and glow.

The manufacturer reported that it took four months to complete the CAD (computer aided design) and another nine months to fabricate the ring.

“I am deeply grateful for the recognition from Guinness World Records," noted Ghanshyam Dholakia, founder and managing director of Mumbai-based Hari Krishna Exports. "It is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication… We are proud to showcase our commitment to sustainability and artistic excellence through the 'Eutierria Ring,' and we hope to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in the jewelry industry.”

"Eutierria" easily unseated the previous Guinness record holder, “The Touch of Ami,” which featured 24,679 diamonds and had been in the top position since July of 2022. Inspired by the graceful, undulating layers of the pink oyster mushroom, the design by SWA Diamonds made headlines when it nearly doubled the number of natural diamonds employed by the previous record holder.

“Most Diamonds Set in One Ring” is a frequently challenged category at Guinness World Records. There have been six title holders since July of 2018. Just when you think you can’t possibly fit any more diamonds onto a single ring, these designers have continued to push the boundaries…

Ranked 3rd - “The Marigold – The Ring of Prosperity” (December 2020). Indian jeweler Harshit Bansal turned heads with an eight-layer floral ring set with 12,638 diamonds.

Ranked 4th – “The Divine – 7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam” (October 2020). India-based jeweler Kotti Srikanth designed a 7,801-diamond ring inspired by the rare Brahma Kamalam flower, which is native to the Himalayas.

Ranked 5th – “Lotus Temple Ring” (August 2019). Lakshikaa Jewels of Mumbai fabricated the 7,777-diamond “Lotus Temple Ring,” which took its inspiration from the famous Lotus Temple in Delhi.

Ranked 6th – “Lotus Ring” (July 2018). Indian jewelers Vishal and Khushbu Agarwal set 6,690 diamonds into an 18-karat rose gold ring that resembles a lotus flower.

Credit: Photo courtesy of H.K. Designs/Hari Krishna Exports.