Healing Gemstones

A newer alternative health trend has emerged in the form of Earth’s sparkly formations – gemstones!

Written by Sarah Kovac
Using minerals, gems, and crystals has actually been around for several millennia to increase and enhance emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. Ancient Romans, Chinese, Greek, Indian, and Japanese used crystals for anything from overall health to luck, enlightenment, emotional balance, and protection. Western cultures have only more recently started using healing stones for health benefits. 

How do healing stones work? Nikola Tesla declared that all things in the universe are forms of energy with their own frequency and vibration. With this being said, certain forms of energy can alter the vibrational resonance of other forms of energy. It isn’t a bunch of hogwash, either. Scientist James Clerk Maxwell has proven these concepts of electromagnetism – because everything vibrates at certain frequencies, theyhave the ability to shift the frequencies of objects sharing the same space. As the resonance of the healing stone grows when combined with our own body’s energy field, it affects the nervous system. The connecting vibrations harmonize and thus stimulate biochemical shifts in our bodies providing positive changes in our physical health.

With nasty bugs floating around this time of year, we want to equip you with gorgeous pieces that have healing properties. Want to boost your immune system? Emerald, amethyst, jade, lapis lazuli, and tourmaline can help you with that! Lapis lazuli is also a stone that the ancients used for migraine remedy. Amethyst is another multi-purpose gem as it relieves headaches, fights fatigue, and supports your bones and joints. Amethyst also happens to be February’s birth stone! March has a useful stone as well – aquamarine aids with gastrointestinal disorders. 

Stop in to expand your jewelry wardrobe as well as partake in healing stones! Want to learn more about healing stones? Two great books to utilize are: 

  • The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo
  • Healing Stones for the Vital Organs: 83 Crystals with Traditional Chinese Medicine by Michael Glenger and Wolfgang Maier

Emily Andrews, LAc  of True Health and Fitness, Greensburg is a licensed acupuncturist with a keen interest in many areas of holistic healing.  Through personal research she has gained a knowledge of healing gemstones and has integrated them into her own self-care.  She has not yet incorporated gemstones into her treatments other than to have clear quartz and amethyst in her office to promote a relaxed environment.   Here are some of her thoughts on healing gemstones: 


In general, this stone is known for it's clearing properties and aids in meditation practices.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  this stone benefits the Lungs (yin organ) and Large Intestine (yang organ).

  •  promotes digestion
  •  calms breathing by releasing tension in the chest
  •  promotes inner peace through release of tears


According to TCM this stone also benefits the Lungs.

  •  boosts the immune system and helps with allergies
  •  energizes breathing
  •  benefits all issues related to the throat including: tonsils, vocal chords, sore throat, thyroid, lymph nodes, swallowing.

*Note: aquamarine would be great for necklaces because it benefits the throat*

Lapis Lazuli (Emily's favorite)

According to TCM this stone can be used in herbal tinctures and is known as Meng Shi 

  •  resolves cough with phlegm
  •  descends Liver Qi to help with irritability and anger
  •  clears inflammation 
  •  promotes focus

*Note: this makes a great gift for someone who has had a medical procedure because it promotes healing*


Photo credits:  Gemological Institute of America & Amercian Gem Trade Association