The "Living Water Angel Opal" - It's Story

For our 20th anniversary my amazing husband Terry purchased for me a beautiful pair of 1.5 carat earrings (3 carat total). Surprised and thrilled, I called them my "ice cubes."   I rarely wore them as I treasured them so much and worried that I would lose them.  I did not think to insure them.

Years later after coming home from vacation, I realized upon unpacking I had only one of my earrings!  How could I tell my husband that I lost one of my ice cubes.  I spent many days and weeks searching everywhere for it.  After months of searching and praying, asking God to direct me where to find it, he spoke to me.  I heard God' s spirit say, "You need to spend more time on your knees seeking me rather than seeking that earring.”  It was after that I finally told Terry.  My sweetheart said "Honey, it's only an earring." And that was that.  I put the one earring in a safe place and stopped thinking about it.

Nearing my 60th birthday my husband asked me what gift I would like to celebrate my special birthday year.  After giving it considerable thought, I told him I would really like to do something with my one remaining “Ice Cube” adding that being my birthday is in October I would love to have a beautiful opal. 

We made a date and set out to Beeghly and Company Jewelers.  Fran Stangroom worked there at the time, what a delightful, beautiful person, so very patient with me.  After exploring many options, looking for a match to the diamond earring, I decide to go a completely different direction.

I told her then that my heart's desire was to have an opal for my birthday.  She had me draw exactly what I had imagined, a pear-shaped opal with my diamond set on the small end.  Fran looked at me and said, "Oh my goodness I'll be right back." The beautiful, fiery blue Australian boulder opal she returned with captured my heart. The blue colors seemed to dance they were so fiery.  The back of the opal looked like it was still on the rock.

Amazed how similar it was to my drawing we came up with adding colored gemstones. This was exciting! I had some blue topaz in a tin-cup necklace, so I brought them in the next trip, and we added them into the design. 

Beeghly incorporated that opal, used my design and the Jeweler came up with beautiful edging in yellow gold with white gold accents.  When I was presented with the finished pendant, I exclaimed it looked like an angel.  No one realized that until it was completed.  That's the beauty of it.  How it appeared as an angel.  Like an angel out of nowhere.  

There is a secret beauty to this opal, something you can’t see when I’m wearing it. The back of it looks like a cross with a waterfall running through the cross.  And that is how it got its name, my beautiful Living Water Angel Opal.


I absolutely love my opal and every time I wear it, I get so many compliments. The next year I had matching earrings made with the other blue topaz gemstones.  Beeghly and Company made several attempts at finding the perfect color of blue opals to match my pendant.

I appreciate the opportunity to share this testimony about my opal, how God put it in my head as a reminder . . . He should come first so that his blessings will flow over us, for he is The Living Water.